Day Trading Computer Reviews
A review of day trading computers


So our friends at trading computer reviews have finished their first report and review of a day trading computer.

They came up with 4 main things that set the day trading computer apart and the main reason was that everything was packaged together saving you alot of money over other computer providers in the same niche.

So head on over to get your stock market computer fix and then hit us up in the comments with your reply!

01 are here to review the myriad of day trading computers available online!  We intend to rate/review every single major operator, their specs, and the total price you should expect to pay for a day trading computer!  Now we may not post very often but we intend to give useful updates so that you can make the best choices when you are looking for a day trading computer.  No more wondering if you are going to have to build them yourself or buy from a company, we will inform you of all our research and personal recommendations, so sit back, grab some coffee, do some stock market research, hit the NYSE or NASDAQ and wait for our results!

Welcome to Day Trading Computer Reviews !